The Company

Our initial venture started off in 1974 with a sand processing business. With 20 years experience in the sand business and assistance from European experts, the business successfully progressed into sand/cement blends and so Micro Milling Ltd was formed in 1995.

We launched the company with just a single plant, one product, and about five employees. Since then, through consistent research and development Micro Milling Ltd now produces the following range of products: Thinset, Grout, Sandstone Render and Plaster Mix. The company has since expanded to accommodate two more plants with adequate capacity to service the local market as well as the Caribbean

We are a family run, hands on operation, dedicated to providing quality service to our customers. As members of the TTMA (Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association) and the NTCA (National Tile Contractors Association), we continue to grow as we aim to add more diversity to our range and to broaden our markets.

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