Inspired to provide better building solutions to an increasingly demanding construction industry, we are proud to introduce our latest addition to the Micro Milling family of products- Micro Level 5000.

Micro Level 5000 is a self levelling, fast hardening concrete underlayment that is designed for use over various substrates, (including concrete and older tiled floor surfaces), to provide a flat and level floor base.

It achieves a smooth level concrete surface that is ideal for a variety of final floor finishes including carpet, ceramic and porcelain tile, laminate and wood flooring, stoneand other commercial floor finishes. Formulated for rapid strength development, it can withstand foot traffic in a fraction of the time compared to other concrete repair methods using traditional concrete and/or plaster.

It is a specially formulated dry blend that when mixed with water provides a pourable, pumpable, flowable and easily manageable, fast hardening concrete which can be poured to various thicknesses ranging from ⅛” to ¾” (3-19 mm) at a time.

Although intended as an underlayment it can also provide a level finished floor for light traffic/ residential applications which can be further treated with special pigments or floor coatings including sealants, paints, colorants, resins and dyes to improve durability and aesthetics.